Use Social Data to Make your Brand Better

Social data will make your brand better because you’ll understand the market, customer needs, and your competitors.

Access to social data your entire business will understand

You won’t need a data analyst by title to make sense of the social data Intelligence surfaces—though the analysts will love it, too. Anyone on your team can plug in and check the pulse of social media across channels, at anytime.

Find new audiences

Surface potential influencers and audiences you might've otherwise missed

Manage in times of crisis

Keep a real-time and honest pulse on the toughest moments for your brand.

Watch competitors

Compare your brand to its top competitors so you're never surprised.

Exactly the social data you need

Intelligence offers the essential listening components you need without sacrificing efficiency: real-time data, customized alters and specific context, and clear reporting.
Social Data
Intuitive Platform Looks Good

An intutive platform that looks good.

It's hard to understand social data if it looks like a mess visually--or if you can't figure out how the platform works. Intelligence responds how you expect it, while representing social data beautifully.

Scale and flexibility

Whether you have two users or two hundred accounts and a thousand users, our platform comes ready for you to configure it to best suit your enterprise needs. Easily.



Schedule your content for exactly when and where you want it to appear.


Manage social media content with workflows and asset management

Control the content used to populate your social media posts.


Content planning for social media management

Organize content into the campaigns it’s fulfilling, then report on those campaigns.


Social media management reporting and analytics for your communications & marketing campaigns

Trust that you understand your content’s performance.



Reflect the structure and goals of your business in the way you label content.



Use our inbox to respond to your customers one-on-one.



Route your content through the people who need to see and approve it.


Collaborate and work with teams across the company for your social media communications

Chat or assign tasks to work together efficiently.

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We wouldn't have been able to figure out what was performing well and what wasn't without Spredfast.

Christianne Harder Digital Fan Experience Manager | Copa América

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