Insights & Analytics

Make better business decisions

Insights from social data equip you to better make critical business decisions, from building an authentic brand to crafting strategies for crisis management.

Prove the value of social media

Use our insights and analytics solution to demonstrate how your work on social media drives revenue to the business—whether through boosted brand awareness, increased website traffic, or direct conversions.

Keep your eyes on the market

Surface external trends and insights to inform your business

Understand your brand’s performance

Use our analytics to look inward, assess, and pivot as needed

Watch your competitors

Compare your brand to its top competitors so you’re never surprised

A complete picture of the social landscape

Search every major social network to surface reliable market insights and patterns you’d otherwise miss, then combine the results with data about your own content’s performance—in one tool.
Social Landscape

An intuitive platform your entire business will understand

First build the dashboards you need to understand your own performance—then tell your business that story beautifully, in pictures and numbers instead of words.

Tap into the power of social data



Visualize your data with our presentation-ready, configurable dashboards.

Configurable Dashboards

Manage social media content with workflows and asset management

Build dashboards with a complete view of both owned and earned metrics.

Reliable Data

Content planning for social media management

Be confident in your data with clear timestamps and resources to dig into calculations.

Data Exports

Social media management reporting and analytics for your communications & marketing campaigns

Connect your social data with other data sources to prove social’s impact to the business.

Content Performance


Understand what content is working to make data-driven decisions about where to allocate resources.

Real-Time Monitoring


Stay on top of the market by tracking trends in real time.

Competitor Tracking


Track your competitors to ensure you are never surprised—and keep tabs on industry benchmarks.

Brand Health

Collaborate and work with teams across the company for your social media communications

Build a complete picture of brand health by measuring sentiment, share of voice, awareness, and engagement.

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